Search and Filtering

SOLDPress comes with a very powerful advanced filtering system. This can be very useful if you want show listings per agent or listings for an agency or show only waterfront properties.

SOLDPress Filtering is build using the RESO Data Dictionary Standard these data standards insure portability, eliminate redundancies and obtain maximum efficiencies for all parties participating in the real estate transaction.

The DDF Documentation Appendix J – Property Details Payload details all fields that can be sorted.

The Syntax to Perform A Filter Request is**sp**=f&[**RESOKEY**]=[**_VALUE_**]&title=[**_TITLE_**]
sp=f - sp is a SOLDPress action attribute
[RESOKEY] - Any RESO Data Dictionary standard name
[**_VALUE_**] - the value you want to search
[**_TITLE_**] - The heading title for the search
The Syntax to Perform A Filter Request using Friendly Urls[**RESOKEY**]/[**_VALUE_**]&?title=[**_TITLE_**]

Example 1 : View Properties By City.

We will perform a keyword search for Toronto.


VALUE = Toronto

TITLE= Pacific%20Realty

Click below to View Properties By City

Example 2: To View Properties from Simon Earle (List Agent)

We will search for Pacific Realty using his unique key (1937585)

RESOFIELD = ListAgentKey

VALUE = 1937585

TITLE= Simon%20Earle

You can also use a friendly url**1937585**

Example 3 : View Properties listed under Pacific Realty.

We will search for Pacific Realty using there unique key (270604)

RESOFIELD = ListOfficeKey

VALUE = 270604

TITLE= Pacific%20Realty

Click below View Properties listed under Pacific Realty**270604**

Example 4 : View Properties By the Waterfront.

RESOFIELD = WaterfrontYN

VALUE = True

TITLE= Waterfront%20Properites

Click below to View Properties By the Waterfront

Example 5 : You can also perform multiple searches.

You can chain together values using a comma to perform multiple searches.


VALUE = Richmond,Vancouver,Surrey

TITLE= Lower Mainland Richmond,Vancouver,Surrey&title=Lower Mainland

WARNING - Performing a Multiple Search can have significant performance implications. We are working on resolving this in the next release. Please check with your hosting provider to insure you have maximum server resources available.